Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Law of Quantity

Ayn Rand's measurement-omission solution to the problem of universals rests on the principle that everything is quantitative: *every* referent subsumed under *every* concept must be quantitative or else the referent would have no measurements to omit.

Aristotle included the concept 'quantity' in his list of basic axiomatic categories.

Question: where does the concept 'quantity' fit in the Objectivist hierarchy of concepts?

My answer is the concept 'quantity' is co-extensive with 'existence' and 'identity'. I call this point the Law of Quantity, and I have written an entire essay on it, expanding Ayn Rand's "Existence is Identity; Consciousness is Identification" principle as follows:

Existence is Identity is Quantity;
Change is Causality is Time;
Consciousness is Identification is Quantification;
Matter is Potential is Eternal;
Form is Actual is Temporal.

The essay (actually the first chapter of a planned treatise on metaphysics I have in my head) with a full explanation of these integration is available here:

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